What my car should look like when finished - Stoneleigh 2015

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Lambda Sensors

After reading up on the Innovate Lambda sensors Wideband Controller, I decided to add some length to the exhaust bung to make it the 1" as instructed.

As supplied by GD, the bungs were approx 10mm deep.  I found some stainless steel ones on eBay that were 21mm long.  I put them in the lathe and turned them down to 15mm to give me the overall required 25mm length.  A friend then TIG welded them onto the top of the existing bung.

I had to remove the exhaust to be able to do this, and once welded, the exhaust was replaced.

Wiring - Continued

Since trial fitting the cross brace, and running the wires for the power steering, I managed to position the rear wiring loom and fix it into place.

I also had to run both fuel pump wires along side which makes it a little bulkier.  I fixed the loom up under the passenger footwell using a P-Clip and then proceeded to duct tape the rest of the cable in place as it runs to the boot area.  This now enables me to wire the rear lights and properly dress in the wires.

I also wired in some of my additional wires into a new 9 way round plug, and I had to colour code them to ensure they don't get mixed up.


I found some time in the garage so I managed to fix the boot handle and number plate light onto the boot lid.  This involved measuring lots of times and lining the parts up prior to drilling.  GD had already pre-installed a wire in between the boot lid skins and I managed to cut a hole behind the number plate light to enable fishing out the wire.  I will fabricate a bracket to hold the number plate later.

I also drilled out the hole to accept the Aston Martin style fuel filler.  I will properly fit it in the coming months.

Footwell Extensions - Update

If you can recall I cut out a section for my right foot: here

After trying the accelerator pedal in it's motions, I decided to reinforce the footwell extension that I created which removed the inner skin.  I used some carbon fibre matting with resin to create a strong patch.

I cut the matting to shape, and then had to find bits of wood for props and also make a clamp frame to evenly spread the pressure.  This looks like a true "Crofter" style of set-up, but it did the job perfectly.

I applied just resin around the area first and let that set.  I then applied resin to the matting, both sides, before putting it in place with my clamp system.  The blue plastic was used to cover the clamps so that they didn't stick to the resin.

I think all in all a good job!

Power Steering - Continued

Mark T kindly provided me with the bracing for the Corsa power steering column.  He had already Engineered one for his car which can be seen on his blog.

I fitted the bracing to the car, and trial fitted the column.  This then identified where the ECU could and couldn't go.  Trying to avoid having to lengthen the sensor wires, and keep the ECU above the dash tray, I opted to mount the ECU to the motor itself.  This involved cutting the mounting lugs off the ECU and opening out the radius to keep it closer to the motor.

I then used a length of stainless to form a clamp that bolts to the ECU mount.  I place a piece of rubber under the mount which holds the ECU very tightly.

Once I trial fitted the column and everything fitted, I ran the wires for the following:

1mm² wire from the ECU round plug for the speed control from the CANEMS ecu
1mm² wire from the fuse box (5A) to supply the ECU
1mm² wire from dashboard multiplug E for RPM signal
6mm² wire from new 50A fuse
6mm² wire from -ve battery connection

I cut them to length, then crimped on new connectors bought from SimtekUK.

I have since removed the column and new bracing, and it is now being hot metal sprayed and painted prior to final fitting.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Boot Lid Trial Fit

I thought that I would fit trial fit the boot lid since I wanted to see where the number plate light cable ends up so I can finalise the positioning of the rear wiring loom.

I bought the aluminium hinges from GD which I temporarily fitted and adjusted using some washers as spacers in place of the rubbers which I don't have yet.  I crawled into the boot and tightened the hinges up from there.  I just need to feed the wire into the boot skin to see where it lies.

I have started looking at the trim for the boot so may move onto that in the near future.....

Power Steering

I have deiced to install a power steering column from a Corsa including automatic speed control from the VSS.  I bought an adjustable column model from eBay and I have started to modify it ready to be installed into the body.

It requires the ECU to be removed and it has to be mounted remotely from the column.  I will only work out where exactly to put it once the column is in place.  One of the mounting ligs for the ECU requires to be cut off where it will pass through the bulkhead.  I polished the removed mount using a small power file.

I have been speaking with Mark T in regards to how he has installed his and he has kindly given me a good few pointers for how I can get mine to work.

I hope to get some metalwork from him to enable mine to mount securely instead of using the GD supplied cross brace which will require a lot of modification since it is designed for the Vectra column.